An English journalist has labelled the Wallabies the “Dullabies”

following Sunday’s grinding 11-9 World Cup quarter-final victory over

defending champions South Africa.

Still possibly hurting from

England’s exit at the quarter-final stage against France, freelance

writer Mark Reason vented his frustration on Australia’s conservative

approach against the Springboks.

“Australia should be ashamed – they play like England” said the headline in The Daily Telegraph.

“But when it came to a match that really mattered, the Aussies played with the ambition and imagination of wombats,” he wrote.

“Is that all they have got?


happened to Quade Cooper? He is the bloke who does outrageous things.

He will kick across his own in-goal area or dance on a solitary blade of

grass. He will jink and sprint and flick passes out of the back of the

hand like magic.

“Against South Africa he was the most boring man

on the planet. You see, the Australians are afraid that he will turn

into Carlos Spencer and blow the World Cup with a daft mistake.”


said that Australia’s play was so boring that he “wondered if this was

England in disguise” and accused referee Bryce Lawrence of losing

control of the breakdown.

“The Aussies are cheats as well,” he said.


Pocock is a terrific player but he got away with daylight robbery. Time

and again the Australians did not release the tackled player, or they

came in at the side or they played the ball off their feet. But (NZ

referee) Bryce Lawrence did absolutely nothing.”