#1 More megapixels, better camera

Nope, sorry, this just isn’t the case. Unless you are printing photos and submitting them to online publications, you are unlikely to know the difference between an 8-megapixel camera and a 12. Look instead for depth of field, wide lens and so on.

#2 4G uses up more data than 3G

Jump with joy when your data hits 4G? Great! But if you worry this means your data disappears faster than water down a plug hole, we can debunk this myth once and for all. Whether you are struggling to download emails on 3G or a casual gamer on your morning commute with 4G, your data allowance is used at the same rate.

#3 You’ll fry your brain with radiation

All smartphones have to pass strict Specific Absorption Rating (SAR) tests which means they give off very little, if any radiation so no, you are not frying your brain (and you never were!).

#4 Overcharging damages the battery

Leaving your phone plugged in even when the battery is showing as full really isn’t a problem. The intelligent battery system stops drawing power when the level indicator reaches 100%. Now you know this is a myth, you can plug in your phone and rinse the Ted Slot at Wombatcasino without any worries.

#5 Smartphones demagnetise the magnetic strip on your credit card

These gadgets we keep in our pockets do so much but what they don’t do, is wipe information and data kept on the black magnetic strips on the credit cards and the like. So, yes, you can keep your loyalty cards and credit cards in the same pocket as your smartphone.

#6 Apps running in the background kill your battery

Poor battery performance? Ah, that’ll be the apps running in the background or so says your flatmate/work colleague/bloke in the pub. Android and Apple have created a failsafe system that limits how much these apps do when they run in the background. If your battery is draining, it’s not the apps in the background.

#7 Let the battery run flat to prolong its life

No, you really don’t need to because, well you know, the research and development that phone manufacturers have done on batteries mean that they are as intelligent as the phone chip itself.

#8 Bluetooth kills your battery

Again, no. If your battery is draining quickly, it is likely that the battery has had its day and needs replacing.

#9 Only use the charger that comes with your phone

Chargers are fast becoming universal and although it may give you peace of mind to use one with a logo on it, you really don’t need to. But choose a quality charging cable, such as Belkin, avoiding the cheap knock-offs.

#10 No, airplane mode does not mean your phone cannot be tracked

Removing your SIM, activating airplane mode etc. or spoof apps will not prevent tracking. Your phone in order to send a cellular signal, needs power. If you are worried you are being tracked, turn your phone off…