The free-wheeling capital is an awe-inspiring place packed with historic sights such as the Kremlin, Red Square and Lenin’s Tomb, as well as the best of Russia’s contemporary culture.

St Petersburg

Russia’s cultural capital is also its most beautiful city, packed with grand palaces, magnificent museums (including the world-famous Hermitage) and fantastic nightlife and dining.


One of Russia’s most charming and historic cities sports a wealth of churches, an ancient Kremlin, a gorgeous riverside setting and a really clued up tourist
office — unheard of in Russia.

Lake Baikal

This incomparable Siberian lake has been attracting visitors for centuries and with good reason; stay in a village along its edge or travel across it by boat.

Golden Ring

Within easy reach of Moscow lies this circuit of historic towns and villages, bursting with onion-domed churches and monasteries, of which Suzdal is perhaps the best single destination.


The ultimate off-the-beaten track destination, this sparsely populated volcanic peninsula in the far east of Russia is an adventure traveller’s dream.

Bunk down on a train

Even if you don’t have time for the full Trans-Siberian trip, taking an overnight train journey is a rite of passage to travel in Russia.

Scrub yourself in a banya

Wallow in a steamy communal sauna and allow yourself to be thrashed with birch leaves.

Visit a dacha

Accept any invitation you get to a Russian’s rural retreat; it’s the best way to experience true Russian hospitality and their love of nature.

Attend the ballet or opera

Moscow’s Bolshoi and St Petersburg’s Mariinsky theatres are the obvious choices, but many other Russian cities have grand performance halls, including Siberia’s Novosibirsk.