Guy Fawkes fireworks are suspected to
have caused a scrub fire that threatened houses in the Wellington
suburb of Miramar on Wednesday.

Central fire communications shift manager Murray Dunbar told NZPA
the department was called to the fire at 9.39pm.

The blaze was threatening two or three houses in Ahuriri Street,
but firefighters were able to get it under control before it caused
any damage.

Dunbar said the department had received a few calls during the
evening, with the scrub fire the biggest they had needed to deal
with so far.

The lack of callouts this Guy Fawkes night was a “welcome change
of pace”, he said.

The Fire Service was expecting wet weather in many parts of the
country and new restrictions on fireworks sales this year to lead to
fewer problems this Guy Fawkes.

Major public fireworks displays in Wellington and Christchurch
went ahead successfully.

Southern fire communications shift manager Riwai Grace said they
received a influx of calls from around the region at one stage of
the night but no major problems or injuries.

“It is actually snowing in parts of Southland and Central Otago,
so it is pretty quiet so far,” he said.

A Northern communications spokesman said calls had been received
from people concerned about bonfires “but nothing major”.

Earlier today The Warehouse issued a warning for people to check
Earthshaker boxed fireworks bought from its stores for possible

The $200 boxes of fireworks may have been damaged in transit and
there is concern that if the individual fireworks have been affected
they may be dangerous.

The Department of Labour has warned that if the fireworks show
any signs of damage — including crushed, torn or dented containers,
they should not be set off.

Earlier today an inspector found some damaged Earthshaker boxes
at Warehouse stores in Invercargill, Gore and Balclutha.