Ryan Giggs has been linked to a third secret lover, just days after an alleged affair with his brother’s wife was exposed.

The Manchester United footballer was thrust into the spotlight after Natasha Giggs told a Sunday newspaper they had been sleeping together for eight years.

Natasha, who has two children with Rhodri, 34, alleges the pair met up in hotels and empty flats for sex.

The 28-year-old also claims she slept with the £80,000-a-week star the day after the births of his two children without the knowledge of his wife, Stacey.

It is claimed the couple continued the affair until as recently as April 8.

Giggs has denied her allegations.

It came just weeks after Giggs, 37, was named in conjunction with a super-injunction banning publication of allegations of an affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.

It has been alleged that Natasha admitted the affair after being contacted by a third woman, claiming she too had slept with Giggs.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “Natasha got a call last week from a mystery woman saying she had been sleeping with Ryan. After the Imogen revelations it was too much.

“Now it’s dawning on her what she has done. She’s destroyed her marriage and her life is in ruins.”

The source added that Natasha was angry after Giggs denied to her he was the married footballer linked to Thomas.

Rhodri, 34, spent the night being comforted by friends.

He told them: “I can never trust Ryan again. He’s committed the ultimate betrayal.

He is said to be heading to Spain to speak with his brother.

The allegations could cost Giggs dearly after being branded the “new Tiger Woods”. Marketing experts are already predicting he may lose lucrative sponsorship deals.

They claim that some of the firms which have helped the footballer earn a £24m fortune, could react unfavourably to the loss of his family man image.

Nigel Currie, of the consultancy Brand Rapport, told the Daily Mail the allegations were “extremely damaging from Giggs’s point of view”.

He added: “What he had going for him from a marketing perspective was his seemingly clean-cut personal image.

“A little like Tiger Woods, he had this untouchable air about him, almost Mr Perfect – he was seen as a model professional and a really good guy.

“Once that image goes, he’s likely to find his whole unique selling point has gone, too.”