Ryanair kicked passengers off one of its flights after a mutiny broke out over baggage penalties.

Ryanair staff battled with more than 100 angry passengers who had just boarded in the Canary Islands and protested against a demand that they pay an oversize baggage fee. They said the fee was “unfair”

Spanish police responded by ordering everyone off the plane in Lanzarote airport.

Only 66 passengers were eventually allowed to get back on the flight, which took off three hours late.

The Irish budget airline claimed the group of 100 would-be flyers had “become disruptive, and refused to comply with crew instructions after a number of their group were required to pay a gate bag fee for outsized luggage”.

The carrier said cops had insisted every single passenger get off the plane – due to land in Charleroi near Brussels, Belgium – and then formally identified them on Saturday.

The no-frills airline said: “Following further disruptive behaviour, the police required for security reasons that this entire group be refused travel.”

The Canary Islands are located on a Spanish archipelago just off the north-west coast of mainland Africa.