Apparently, the pilots were trying to catch up on time, as they were 30 minutes late. Der Spiegel magazine broke the news when they got access to air safety reports.

The reports disclosed that on September 23, the Boeing 737 nearly crashed, attempting to land at Memmingen Airport in Bravaria.

Allegedly, the auto-pilot was set (it wasn’t meant to be) and the plane, at one point, was only 460ft (150m) off of ground level.

It’s believed that the warning siren went off and distressed passengers. Der Spiegel reported:  “They barely succeeded to pull the jet up,

“According to the flight recorder, a warning sounded in the cockpit at 16.39 and 42 seconds with the words: ‘Terrain, terrain. Pull up.’ 

 “The approach manoeuvre was apparently chaotic. Obviously, the pilots had programmed the autopilot with a wrong altitude.”

 The plane is thought to have been travelling at around 1,000 metres per minute.

 There is an ongoing investigation about what happened that day.

 “The company said the captain followed standard procedure by dropping to 9,000ft after a sudden loss of pressure,” reported the Daily Mail.

Image: Getty