South Africa’s current political climate will not deter the country from hosting a successful 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup, President Thabo Mbeki said on Sunday.

“No matter what happens here… with regards to political challenges, this country will meet its commitment to Fifa to ensure that we have a very successful 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup,” Mbeki told the media following a meeting with Fifa president Seth Blatter on South Africa’s preparedness for 2010.

“I’m saying quiet frankly we are on course with regard to meeting our obligations.

“We will have elections [next year] and a new administration but there won’t be any change in policy or position [regarding the world cup].”

Blatter said he was positive that the country would be prepared and after his three-day visit focusing on the state of readiness and progress of preparation, he was certain he would be even more positive.

“I am happy and you [country] must be happy.” Mbeki would not be drawn into discussing the country’s political challenges saying it was not the correct forum.

The SABC on Sunday reported that the African National Congress (ANC) president Jacob Zuma allegedly compared President Mbeki’s administration to a “dead snake” using Zulu phrases.

His speech followed media reports that ANC leadership was allegedly ready to turn against Mbeki following Friday’s Pietermaritzburg High Court judgment in favour of Zuma. Blatter came to Mbeki’s defence saying it was not “fair play” to be discussing politics in regards to talks pertaining to the world cup.

He said that there was no plan B to move the world cup from South Africa.

“The plan B is South Africa and the plan C is South Africa.” During Blatter’s stay he will visit facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg to get a first hand impression of the country’s progress towards hosting the 2009 Confederations Cup and world cup the following year.

He would also be paying a visit to former president Nelson Mandela who he said was instrumental in bringing the world cup to South African soil.