The mayor, has begun rallying support for his re-election this year, has raised bus fares by 44% since taking office in 2008.

Common People describe themselves as “a group of committed citizens working together to strengthen and promote the progressive values shared by the majority of people in the UK…a radical, green, left-leaning group that will not hesitate to take on any issue or campaign that needs action.”

On the other side of the fence, the website Back Boris shows off some of the Mayor’s achievements, including neighbourhood crime-cutting initiatives and the new Routemaster buses, seen by some as an expensive vanity project, which replace the ‘bendy’ buses.

Meanwhile, ex-mayor Ken Livingstone wants another crack at the post, with his campaign Ken For London, which also focuses on public transport fares. Labour’s Livingstone says “Fares are too high and something needs to change. I will cut fares by 7% and will save the average London transport user over £1000 over 4 years.”

The lines are being drawn – back Boris or sack Boris? 2012 is the year Londoners make their decision.