Rushdie tweeted a Batman themed pun, saying ‘The “right to bear arms” is the real Bane of America.’

Bane is the enemy of Batman in The Dark Knight Rising, the film which was playing as the Colorado shooting took place. However, Rushdie is also known for adding capitalisations to words in his novels to add emphasis.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney worked as boss for Bain Capital – parallels have been drawn between the two figures by US political pundits.

Twitter user pbagosy said “This is not a gun issue. This is a mental illness issue. Bending it is not helpful to anyone.”

Adam Lockett said “scoring political points while bodies still warm harms your own argument, with which I happen to agree.”

America’s controversial second amendment law – the “right of the people to keep and bear Arms” enables the majority of American citizens to own and use guns. Laws vary from state to state.

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