Main ingredients

You’ll be munching on plenty of unusual fare such as cooked breadfuit, taro, taro leaves, cooked green bananas and raw fish.


An umu is the traditional Samoan oven, similar to New Zealand’s native hangi. First, a fire is built and stones are placed on it to heat up. When only embers and hot rocks remain, food such as green bananas, breadfruit, taro and fish are placed on it, covered in banana fronds and left to cook.


This is the term that refers to the way Samoans prepare, cook and serve raw fish. Fillets are diced and marinated in lemon juice, coconut cream, salt and onion.


One of Samoa’s best-known dishes, Lu’au is made from every-present taro leaves, onion and coconut cream, cooked in an umu.


Not for the faint-hearted, this is a delicacy made from sea slug stomach and internal organs. You’ll find it being sold in old softdrink bottles are the food market.


Seafood also plays a massive part on Samoan menus, thanks to the surrounding South Pacific waters packed with marine life. Whole grilled snapper and tender tuna steaks are good value, delicious and sure to be as fresh as a daisy.


Fruit juice

Coconut juice and other fresh squeezed fruits are cheap and common in Samoa.


The locals drink the water but visitors are advised to drink bottled water.