Samoa Air has become the world’s first airline to introduce a pricing policy which charges passengers by body weight, reports

The pricing policy will mean passengers have to enter their own weight along with that of their baggage when they book. The combined weight will then be used to calculate their fare.

No point in fibbing though — customers will be weighed at the airport to check their claims. 

Speaking to ABC Radio, chief executive of Samoa Air, Chris Langton, said: “This is the fairest way of travelling. There are no extra fees in terms of excess baggage or anything – it is just a kilo is a kilo is a kilo.”

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Samoa has a growing obesity problem, and Samoa Air’s fleet is largely made up of small 12-seater aircraft, which see passengers and baggage accounting for a much larger proportion of total takeoff weight than bigger airplanes. 

Image via Thinkstock