It seems the sweltering temperatures in the Indian capital of Mumbai haven’t just driven the human population of the city to their local pools.

Footage of a monkey swimming laps at one of the city’s community pools has gone viral on the Internet and, if we’re being honest, it makes for some pretty adorable viewing. 

Bigpond News have claimed that the monkey could be seen in the hour or so before it took the plunge observing the pool’s human patrons. Once in the water, the monkey seemed to imitate the human’s behaviour – swimming laps up and down the length of the pool.

Pool staff have said that the monkey is a local and is completely harmless. It is also being reported by The Guardian that – as the monkey was staying well within its lane and not bothering anyone – they saw no reason to interrupt it.

If the video footage below is to be believed, the monkey in question looks to have pretty good form and technique when it comes to the 50 metre freestyle. The way Australian swimming is going at the moment, the monkey could be worth signing up.

Image: YouTube