After a night of intense negotiation, Cameron blocked a crucial treaty to deal with the eurozone crisis.

And it looks like Sarkozy wasn’t too pleased, as when Cameron stretched out his hand to show there were no hard feelings, Sarkozy gave him the brush off and turned away.

Cameron then, snubbed, used the rejected hand to give him an awkward pat on the shoulder and moved on.

It came in the early hours of this morning, after all-night talks over Europe’s debt crisis ended with Cameron’s refusal to give up some of Britain’s powers.

Sarkozy blamed Cameron for the failure of the plan.

He said: “David Cameron made a proposal that seemed to us unacceptable, a protocol to the treaty that would have exonerated the United Kingdom from a great number of financial service regulations.”

Cameron said: “What was on offer is not in Britain’s interest so I didn’t agree to it,’ he told reporters in Brussels.

“We’re not in the euro and I’m glad we’re not in the euro.

“We’re never going to join the euro and we’re never going to give up this kind of sovereignty that these countries are having to give up.”