Spot a mountie

If you’ve been gagging for a photograph next to a ‘Mountie’ in their hunky red costumes, you’ve got a pretty good chance in Regina, where the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) headquarters is based.

Learn about the Northern Plains Indians

For a spot of culture, learn about the Northern Plains Indians at Wanuskewin Heritage Park (Cree for ‘seeking peace of mind’). The First Nations have lived in this area for 7000 years and traditionally hunted buffalo on the plains. In summer, you can watch a cultural dance and try buffalo.

Be a gangster

The town of Moose Jaw was known as ‘Little Chicago’ back in the 1920s during prohibition when it was the centre of a major whiskey-smuggling operation. Explore the tunnels that gangster Al Capone and his seedy compatriots dug under the city to hide their loot.