Day 1

Start with a stroll along the Nevsky Prospekt to soak up the frenetic pace of living in one of Russia’s largest cities and make your way to the Hermitage across the Palace Square.

You’ll need to spend a large chunk of time working your way through the museum.

Grab a late lunch at one of the cafes along the Neva River, before heading back up Nevsky Prospekt to the Church of Spilled Blood.

There are some markets opposite the church where you’ll be able to pick up some souvenirs including the Babuskha dolls.

Day 2

The Peter and Paul Fortress will take you most of the morning to get around and is the final resting place of many Russian tsars. There’s also a beach, which is popular during summer.

In the afternoon make sure you climb to the top of St Isaac’s Cathedral to take in the views across the city before heading to a night of opera or ballet at the Mariinskiy Theatre.