The app for android phones utilises Iceland’s extensive genealogical records, with complete family trees tracing back to the Middle Ages being readily available through the Íslendingabók database.

“Genealogy is the kind of the national hobby of Iceland,” said Íslendingabók’s founder Friðrik Skúlason to NBC. “On average if you pick two people on the street at random you will find they are related 6 or 7 generations back.”

When you take the tiny population and throw loud music, dark lighting and some alcohol into the mix of the Icelandic capital’s ever growing club scene, it’s hardly surprising that rates of ‘accidental incest’ amongst young people has been on the rise.

That’s where three students and their application come in though.

Arnar Aðalsteinsson, Alexander Helgason and Hákon Björnsson – all in their final years at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik – entered their beautifully named “Sifjaspellsspillir” (Incest Destroyer) in an app building contest and won.

The app has since gone into production and has already been downloaded 3,651 times at their last check, which is over a hundredth of the country’s whole population.

The three students are also planning to turn the Incest Destroyer into an app for iPhone as well.

“Hey baby, did your grandmother and my grandfather ever sleep together? No? Good, because my phone’s saying that we should.” There’s a pickup line in there somewhere, but that plainly isn’t it…

Image: Getty