Lighting up the side of the landmark building, officially named 30 St Mary Axe, with green lines in the shape of an animated pair of hands and other shapes that would make a vicar blush.
“Parliament does nothing to challenge the bankers, they have been captured and they are constantly gratifying the City of London whilst the rest of us have austerity imposed on us,” said a statement from artists Shift//Delete accompanying the video, entitled ‘Act of Parliament’.

“In response to this reality, we have turned the Gherkin into the worlds tallest penis. A penis that is being gratified by our parliament with a sexual act. A 180m high erection for deregulation and global capitalism.

“We have created this art work for all those that are suffering cuts to their budgets, benefits, working hours, rights, freedoms and quality of life as Parliament perpetuates the age old practice of taxing the poor for the mistakes of the rich.”

The knob-gag jesters conclude the video with the slogan: “We need to release their grip.”