Marina Keefe was given the phone by the company after her usual handset needed fixing, but she got a nasty surprise when she opened the text messaging section.

The texts already on the phone included ‘Stocking and blow job night baby x’ and ‘Sorry darling but when someone is as gorgeous as you my d*** has a lot to say.’ There was even a reference to some ‘light f*****ing on Friday’.

Ms Keefe’s parents were dismayed by the language their daughter had been exposed to, and her mother Lisa, 38, told Metro that she would have preferred to wait to talk to her daughter about sex.

“It’s quite shocking that anyone could have had access to these messages regardless of their age, and especially a child,” she said.

EE has apologised to the family, and offered Ms Keefe £100 towards a new mobile and £20 of credit as compensation.

Image credit: Thinkstock