In the name of science, Mr Smith chose 25 locations around his body, including forearm, testicles, his cheek, and the palm of his hand.

Grasping a honeybee in forceps, he held it against his skin until he was stung – and repeated this exercise up to five times a day.

But where was the most painful place to be stung? Well, Mr Smith reckons it was his nostril.

“I really don’t want to get sting in the nose again – that’s not fun,” he told The Independent.

A sting on his, er, member, rated at 7.3 out of ten pain-wise, and when the bee-riling student was stung on the nuts, it was a complete accident.

“We speculated it probably really would hurt to get stung in the testicles. Two days later, by chance, I did get stung there. It didn’t hurt as much as I expected it to,’ he said.

You have to bee joking. 

Image credit: Thinkstock