Hearty Haggis

Scotland’s most famous dish is made from a hearty combination of sheep liver, heart and lung, mixed in with a bit of beef suet (white kidney fat), onion and oatmeal and cooked inside (traditionally) a sheep’s stomach although many haggis are now cooked inside sausage casing. Mmmm! Traditionally served with ‘neeps (turnip) and tatties (potatoes) it’s hearty and warming.


The sea and the famous lochs mean seafood and fresh fish is in plenty of supply in Scotland – Scottish Smoked Salmon is among the best in the world as are the crabs, langoustine & scallops.


Buttery, crunchy & sweet Scottish shortbread is a must for those with a sweet tooth…


A nip of Scotch whisky

The Scots are famous for brewing this drop. In fact, there’s even an act of parliament — the Scotch Whisky Act — that governs the quality of the product for it to carry the name Scotch whisky.


It is perfectly safe to drink the tap water in Scotland.