And it was a decisive vote – the No side won with 2,001,926 votes over 1,617,989 for Yes.

The result became a mathematical certainty just after 6am BST this morning, prompting Scotland’s first minister and spearhead for the Yes campaign Alex Salmond to accept defeat.

So what’s Scotland’s next step? More powers. Ahead of the referendum it was pledged that Scotland could set more of its own laws from next year if it voted No.

And Prime Minister David Cameron said the commitments on extra powers would be honoured.

“We will ensure that those commitments are honoured in full,” he said.

But that hasn’t sat well with UKIP leader Nigel Farage who wants England to be given a great voice too.



He also wants an end to Scottish MPs being able to vote on English issues at Westminster, tweeting: “Currently posting letters to Scottish MPs asking them not to vote on English only issues in Westminster.”

Cameron has admitted that the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland must have a bigger say.

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