The YouGov survey for The Times and Sun newspapers put Scottish support for the union at 52 percent versus support for independence at 48 percent, excluding those who said they did not know how they would vote.

And there’s one poll that suggests we should keep things just as they are… in the bed room at least.

Commissioned by cheating site, the poll revealed that Scots are more passionate, more experienced and better kissers than their English counterparts. 

As well as being ranked as more romantic, funnier and better kissers, the Scots obviously also know how to use what’s under their kilts, as the results revealed them as having more stamina in bed, more passion and more experience.

The two areas English men ranked highest were in the looks department and for being massive party animals…why would Scotland ever want independence from that? 

“The result on 18 September may remain uncertain, but this poll is absolutely clear Scottish – English relations could not be better – at least in the bedroom!,” said Christoph Kraemer. “It looks like English men could learn a thing or two from the Scots, before the ladies start searching for their own Loch Ness monsters!”

It’s something to think about ahead of the Scottish referendum next week.

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