Scottish nutritionist Mike Lean, of Glasgow University, joined forces with businessman Donnie Maclean to produce a pizza contain 30 per cent of an adult’s guideline daily amount of vitamins and minerals.

It is also contains a third of the recommended amount of calories, protein and carbohydrate.

Lean told the BBC he was sick of seeing people consume unhealthy meals.

“We’ve recently studied ready meals produced by the top five supermarkets in Scotland – common foods eaten in huge numbers – and they’re hopelessly unbalanced,” he said.

“We used seaweed as a way of reducing the salt level. The sodium content of seaweed is about 3.5% compared to 40% in salt. There’s iodine in there, vitamin B12, all sorts of things. And the flavour is excellent as well.”

Red pepper is also mixed in with the tomato base to give the pizza extra vitamin C. As well as these nutrients, each pizza contains magnesium, potassium, folates and vitamin A.

One major supermarket chain has already indicated it plans stock the pizza.

The pair now have plans for other junk food and are already trialling a nutritionally balanced curry. They then plan to tackle fish and chips.