The run-down 1960’s Glencairn building was brought  to make way for new low-rise affordable housing, as over a thousand people took the time to watch and record the event. The former residential building, which had fallen into disrepair, was known locally in as Heroin Heights.

More than 150 videos were taken of the demolition by keen Motherwell locals capturing the moment on smartphones and cameras, which took place early this afternoon at 12.15pm.

Surprise! A bystander is visibly shocked as the tower suddenly explodes

Local man Jack Daly, whose family was one of the first residents of the tower when it opened, told the BBC “Getting a house within Glencairn was a real prize. When we walked in everything was brand new – a fresh coat of paint, there were tiles on the floor, new bathrooms and kitchens and under-floor heating. All of that was nothing like where we had come from.”

Main image via ABowman1992/Youtube