Dobson, was questioned at his parents’ home in Eltham and, according to the detective who carried out the enquiries, was “nervous” and claimed not to know another of the suspects, David Norris.

Dobson claimed he had returned home from college at about 5.30pm on Thursday 22 April, the day of Lawrence’s death.

Despite the fact that Dobson and Norris claimed not to know each other, the pair had been photographed by a police surveillance team only days before.

Dobson, 36, and Norris, 35, are accused of the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

The black teenager was stabbed to death in 1993. According to testimonies given to the court, Lawrence was attacked by a group of white youths who shouted racist abuse before stabbing him twice.

The prosecution’s new case is based primarily on forensic evidence.

Blood and fibres from Lawrence were found on clothing belonging to Dobson and Norris when the case was reopened for review.

However the defence says that this can be explained by cross contamination of the items, which were together in police custody.