Plenty of towns have not been so savvy when it comes to bearing the burden of an unfortunate name. That these Dull villagers have been good-humoured and forward-thinking enough to make the best of the situation will likely reap rewards – tourists after the perfect snap of a sign that declares ‘Welcome to Dull, twinned with Boring’ could make this 84-person town some sweet cash. No wonder the Boring Community Planning Organisation also voted in favour of the hook-up.

It makes you wonder why more oddly named towns don’t try to leverage their monikers, rather than endure them with a bashful bow of the head. I hear that it’s almost impossible to find Sugar Tit, South Carolina, these days, as most signs announcing the crossroads community have been taken down. Only one blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sign of Sugar Tit remains, apparently, just outside the larger community of Greer.

I have a list of favourite bizarrely named roads and towns that really ought to bring more attention to themselves, as opposed to hiding out in the shadows, ashamed of their oddness. The Land of Green Ginger, a street in Hull, makes this much-maligned port town seem more interesting, surely. Dildo in Canada’s Newfoundland should shrug off its embarrassment and invite us all round for tea, so we can see exactly what this historical Dildo (established in 1711) has to offer. And Titty Ho in Northamptonshire has nothing to lose.

So come on Sugar Tits! Show us what you’ve got.

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