Audio of a conversation between the two, which allegedly took place at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the US on July 25, has been uploaded to

According to it all began when the pilot was told to go to a runway named ‘Mike’ instead of the one he was on, called ‘Lima’.

Cue the transcript:

Air traffic controller: “Delta 2422, you’re supposed to be on Mike.”

Delta captain: “Yes sir, we’re going out there right now.”

Air traffic controller: “Looks like you joined Lima.”

Delta captain: “Hey you know what, we’ll taxi up there any way we want…I don’t like your attitude.”

The air traffic controller then tries to defend himself, claiming he doesn’t have an attitude, but the captain’s having none of it.

“Your attitude is really something sir, we’re out here on Mike. Good morning,” he sniffs.

However, not be be outdone, the air traffic controller comes back with: “Good morning. There was no attitude, I was just trying to correct you, that’s my job to correct you if you mess up. I’m trying to make sure everybody’s done what I asked them to do for certain reasons.”

In the end, the Delta co-pilot chimes in with: “Settle down, Captain happy!” Laughter from the co-pilot and air traffic controller ensued.

A Delta spokesperson told “While customer safety and service were never in question, we are looking further into this exchange. Delta’s values call for courtesy and professionalism in everything we do.”

Image credit: Thinkstock