Q. I’ve been single for years and I’m considering joining an internet dating site to meet guys but I can’t help feeling that hooking up online is lame. Am I crazy?

Reuben says: Different cultures of the world all have their own courtship
rituals, and online dating is just an adaptation of an age-old part of

I spent some time living with Aztec tribes in Central America and twice
a year, unattached young men and women in the area would meet for
soyaanisqatsi, Hopi for “the great coming together”.

The men would try to impress the women with various skills – cooking,
painting, dancing, epic poetry – and the women would then choose their
men, pair off and have sex in the bushes.

So really, dating websites are a soyaanisqatsi for the 21st century.
Whereas the Aztec tribesmen wooed their women through song and dance,
arts and crafts, you get to choose between three dozen cock pics.

But, if you’re lucky, the end result will be the same and you’ll end up getting laid in the undergrowth.

Ruby says: I won’t lie to you – meeting people online is a bit lame. Call me old-fashioned by I prefer to just go down to my nearest truckstop in the hope of bumping into the man of my dreams near the boiled hot dogs.

That said, the internet has one thing going for it – it makes surveillance far easier. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used social media to reinsert myself into the lives of ex-boyfriends who thought they’d moved on without me.

Equally, dating sites can be useful for screening out the losers with no money. And it’s great for your confidence – if you post a couple of saucy photos of yourself in a nurse’s outfit, you’ll have guys queuing up for a date.

The other bonus is that, once in contact online, it’s way easier to direct men to your webcam site.

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