By Terhi Ruuskanen

Don’t ask don’t tell

There is such a thing as knowing too much. 
Talking about your past sex-life with your current partner is usually a very bad idea. 
I’ve seen many friends have (stupid) fights about their ex-partners with their current ones. You may want to know every single detail about your new man or woman, but perhaps what happened in the bed before you jumped in shouldn’t be one of them. 
My number is a bigger secret than my age. Half of my friends know how old I am, but only one knows my number. I think my score card would be much smaller if I hadn’t travelled so much.
When travelling you constantly meet new people and have to make a decision about sleeping with someone faster than usual. So the on the road lifestyle includes shorter relationships – and more of them.
Usually guys seem to say their number is bigger than it really is and girls pretend it is smaller than it really is. 
If you must know your partner’s number, I have a theory: divide what a guy tells you, or multiple what a girl tells you, by three. Then you’ll be close to the truth. 
So next time someone tells you his or her magic number, do the math!