A shocked cleaner discovered the frisky duo mingling limbs when she heard moaning noises coming from the private room at St Michael’s Hospital, in Bristol.

She reported to the incident to hospital bosses, but the proud parents-to-be were given the green light to continue their bed boogie. Apparently there are no rules against having sex on the ward – although to remain strictly within the rules they should have put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. Tsk.

It may seem an unconventional means of wetting the baby’s head, but old wives’ tales have long-recommended sex as a means of inducing labour – alongside spicy food, enemas and hot baths. We suppose they may as well get some while they can too – probably won’t have the energy soon.

But the sight of the couple practising noisily for their next baby before the birth of this one didn’t impress everyone on the ward.

“Other patients on the unit heard the commotion and were upset,” one hospital source was reported to have told The Sun. “The cleaner was utterly shocked. She was amazed to be told it was okay.”

However, a hospital spokeswoman said: “Thankfully, we have not received any complaints in regard to this matter.”

This isn’t the first time the maternity unit at St Michael’s has hit the headlines. Last year a Labrador called Barney was allowed into the delivery room to act as a calming presence during a two-hour birth.