Benedict, who recently appeared in Australia for Oz Comic-Con, made headlines not long ago when he was apparently seen canoodling with two gorgeous women in one week.

Despite this, fans appeared to be somewhat shell-shocked at this new Cumber-tidbit.

The news came from Cumberbatch ‘insiders’, who said that Benedict and his mystery girl have been dating for a number of months, and that he is ‘smitten’.

Having previously been linked to actress Olivia Poulet, artist Anna James and model Katia Elizarova, not to mention a few other lovely leggy ladies, it really wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if the rumours are true.

With talent and a sparkling personality, not to mention being the eye-candy of fans worldwide, Benedict really is quite a catch.

However, when it comes to personal relationships, superstar status can sometimes be a curse.

In an interview with Time magazine last year, Benedict was heard to lament: “Every time I’m seen at a bar with a girl I get photographed. Anyone with a computer knows my entire dating history!”

Image credit: YouTube