The hoax offered the chance of a free trip to Sydney, with $4,500 spending money.

“Great news, we’re giving away 5 tickets each to 40 people for a 2 week trip to Sydney Australia in a 5 star hotel with $4,500 spending money,” the post on the page (beware it is a fake!) says.

It asks people to like and share and to follow a link to a site – where you are asked to provide personal details – to “claim” the prize.

It has been shared some 13,700 times and has 5,268 likes.

Jetstar’s official Facebook page said there have been some 14 fake Jetstar Australia pages and profiles on Facebook since Friday – which it says are in the process of being taken down.

One tell-tale sign a page is a fake is the number of likes. The official page has over 300,000 likes.

Image via Facebook