Sian Massey, the referee at the centre of a sexism row earlier this year, will not be getting an apology from Cardiff City football player Kevin McNaughton after he accidentally floored her during his team’s defeat by Middlesbrough on Monday.

Defender McNaughton slammed into Massey while trying to keep the ball in play. In the video, posted on Youtube, McNaughton appears to make a bee-line for assistant ref Sian Massey, leading some viewers to speculate that he may have bumped into her on purpose.

After the incident McNaughton gets up and saunters off without so much as an apology attracting yet more criticism.

One YouTube viewers posted. “He changes direction. It’s deliberate and disgusting. The fact that he just trots off makes it more obvious.”

Watch the Sian Massey/ Kevin McNaughton slam here.

Another Youtube commentator wrote: “If Sian Massey was a player she’d have stayed down, screamed in pain, got stretchered off, sued, claimed for a penalty, got on I’m a celebrity get me out of here, turned into an alcoholic & written a book about it.

As it is she got up & got on with the game.

Just like footballers used to do but don’t any more because they’re pussies.”

However McNaughton’s agent defended his client’s action insisting he has nothing to apologise to Massey for.

Sian Massey was at the centre of a row in January over comments made by former Sky commentators Andy Gray and Richard Keys, who said women “don’t know the offside rule.” They were subsequently sacked.

As with the sexism row, Massey herself didn’t seem overly concerned by the incident. She simply picked herself up and got on with the game.

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