Simon Cowell is rumoured to be lining up Cheryl Cole to host a new pop show.

The 52-year-old music mogul – who sensationally axed the Girls Aloud singer from the US X Factor last year – is reportedly keen for the brunette to front a music programme after she launches her solo comeback in March.

An insider said: “He’s talking about bringing back a classic chart show and he thinks that because Cheryl Cole is slap bang in the middle of the pop market, she’d be a great host.

“When Simon Cowell gets back to London later this month he’s hoping they will hammer out a deal. Whatever happens, there won’t be a dull moment.”

However, after Cowell sacked Cole from the X Factor panel, she reportedly vowed to never “make the same mistake” again.

But, in an attempt to get back in Cole’s good books, the Britain’s Got Talent boss plans to tempt the singer with a “blank cheque”.

The source told Reveal magazine: “The horrible fall-out between he two of them was probably the best thing that could have happened to Cheryl. It forced her to stand up for herself and see Simon for the hard-nosed businessman he is.

“That was a harsh lesson, but she won’t make the same mistake twice. Cheryl knows she’s in the driving seat.

“So now the plan is to put together a new format for Cheryl, and Simon plans to wave a blank cheque in front of her to make sure she won’t be able to turn him down.”

It was recently claimed that Cole is being lined up to front a late-night talk show for British station Channel 4 featuring celebrity guests and fashion news.

A source said: “They know she’ll be a massive ratings winner and is the perfect fit to pull in amazing guests.”