The bizarre latest invention of a Japanese scientist – a singing robot mouth – has gone viral.

The singing gadget has motor-controlled vocal chords, a vocal tract and nasal cavity. It is designed to replicate a human voice in order to aid voice training for people with impaired hearing.

The robot is a pink flesh-coloured resonance tube with a mouth on the end, built into a metal control centre. It was created by Professor Hideyuki Sawada at Kagawa University in Japan for both talking and singing.

Lung function is re-created by an air compressor and the mouth has a silicone tongue.


Despite being slightly frightening, the mouth is singing a song from an old Japanese children’s game called Kagome Kagome.

The robot is able to judge its own voice and learn on the go like a human does. The noises that it makes into the microphone are sent to a ‘brain’, which is a neural network that allows the robot to hear its own voice and correct itself from there.

Let’s hope Sawada isn't after a record deal.