Liana, 11, and Teigan, 8, failed to return home from playing in a nearby park yesterday evening.

Their mother, Annette, had gone to Whitworth Park in the city’s southeast a short time after 8pm to look for her daughters, but couldn’t find them.

Greater Manchester Police launched a huge search. The girls had never gone missing before.

Shortly before midday today, the force said that the girls had been found. The spokesperson would not say where they were found, however.

“Liana Boyd, 11, and eight-year-old Teigan Boyd have been found and are safe,” the spokesperson said. No one has been arrested in connection with their disappearance at this stage.

Earlier today, the officer in charge of the search, Chief Supt Rob Potts, said: “Clearly, the family is fraught with worry that these girls have spent the night away from home.”

The force had made the search and appeal operation their ‘highest priority’, it is reported, as fears mounted for their safety.

Today, the force said: “Thank you to everyone for raising awareness.”

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