Here they are:

 1. Smashy City – this game is somehow similar to the arcade game Rampage due to the fact you will have to control a giant creature that wants to destroy an entire city. You will demolish buildings, blocks, vehicles you may find on the road. Your goal is to make as much significant damage as possible because the damage is paid, but the authorities will try to stop you. You must act fast and try not to get caught so quickly. You will love the retro art style of the blocks, and the shot of adrenaline you will get.  

2. Golf Island – many people find gold a dull activity, but even more, enjoy playing it. For those who can’t access a golf field, they can do it by playing this mobile game. Golf Island comes from the creators of Flick Golf Series, and it’s as exciting as that one. Your finger will hit the ball in a golf club, but the flicks will direct it towards the desired hole. The landscape you will enjoy contains tropical islands, ice cream worlds, outer space, and much more. This game is simple, but it can become addictive to those who love the sport in general. As you can imagine, the game is free to download, but if you want a piece of better equipment or skills, you must make in-game purchases.

3. Ski Safari 2 – this game is the second version of Ski Safari, and it’s following the same physics and plot that impressed you in the first time. All you have to do is to control a skier caught in an avalanche working to escape it. During your efforts, you will collect coins and points while using other animals’ run to get away faster. Around you will see penguins running, eagles, yetis, wolves, so you have a variety to choose the one you like the most. Your goals don’t stop on escaping the avalanche, but you can also pull backflips or ride an animal on clouds or through caves.

4. Book of Dead – Without doubt one of the most attractive video slots in history, Book of Dead is quite similar to the famous Book of Ra produced by Novomatic, but that does not really means that is not an amazing game anyway. Launched by the Play n’GO provider in January 2016, this Egyptian-themed slot can be played, on both real and virtual money, at online casinos like

5. Trials Frontier – this game has been created, and it’s most suitable for consoles and PCs, but in 2014, the creators offered the public a spin-off for mobile devices. The entire game is based on motorcycle trials where you will have to traverse obstacle courses. Your goal is completing courses in the fastest possible way without crashing your bike. The landscape is Wild West-inspired, and you will help people from a small frontier town to survive the challenges of the new world. 

6. Hungry Shark World – this game is the sequel version of Hungry Shark Evolution in which you were a shark eating to survive. This new modern game comes with a set of better visuals, controls, and even specific conditions that may vary upon the regional map on which you chose to play. You can take control of the shark, telling him in which sea to play. You have three options: the Pacific, the Arabian, or the Arctic. 

So, what’s your favourite?