Metropolitan Police said the attack occurred at around 6.30pm on Sunday night.

The unidentified boy was taken to a nearby hospital but died two hours after the stabbing. His death is being treated as murder and an investigation has begun.

Nearby resident Teodor Watson, who witnessed the incident and called the police, told the Evening Standard: “People were angry, it sounded like an argument on the street. Then I heard one loud scream and the sound of fast footsteps, I ran outside and saw three or four men running off up the street. They were fleeing,”

“I looked back down and there was a boy, stumbling, swaying, with his head down holding his body. He collapsed, and there was a huge amount of blood. It became a puddle really quickly.”

“The boy was alone. The wound was huge, I live on the fifth floor and I could see it from here. The emergency services arrived within minutes and a crowd of passers-by helped him.” 

The area has become a notoriously dangerous spot in recent years. Most recently a boy was stabbed outside shops in Lupus Street before Christmas 2012.

“The violence that has started to occur around here is something else, it is frightening for all the residents,” a 58-year-old local resident told LBC radio news.

“You used to be able to walk around at night but I am starting to be very wary, especially at night-time.” she concluded.

There has been no arrest connected to the latest incident so far. A spokesman for Metropolitan Police said “A murder inquiry is now under way and an incident room will open in due course under detectives from the Specialist Crime and Operations Directorate.”

“We must retain an open mind re the circumstances of the incident and any motive at this early stage.”

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