Slovenia in 2-3 days

Start in Ljubljana – you could probably knock off most of the main tourist attractions in one day, then head to Lake Bled or Bohinj and sample some of the adventure activities in the nearby Triglav National Park.

In 7-9 days

Spend an extra day in Ljubljana soaking up the café atmosphere and checking out the museums before heading out to Bled or Bohinj as above for a tranquil break. Drive over the Vrsic Pass into the Soca Valley and try out some of the extreme sports on offer. Go south via the Vipava Valley wine region to The Karst and have a nosy at natural wonder Skocjan Cave – the world’s biggest underground canyon – before heading back to Ljubljana.

Two weeks +

Do the above but head to the coast from the Soca Valley and sample some of the delicious seafood in Venetian seaside town Pirana before unwinding at a spa in the beach resort of Portoroz. Head back to Ljubljana via the Skocjan Cave as above.