They haven’t always been the best of buds, but, in a joint effort, NZ and Australia have claimed the highest number of cannabis users.

According to the UNODC report – which you can read here – weed is the most widely used illegal substance used in the world – New Zealanders and Australians consume more of it per person than any other countries.

NZ has been long known as the Land Of The Long White Cloud and now we know why – hundreds of thousands of Kiwis toking up each day are obviously creating a plume of smoke above their country. One thing’s for sure, the country’s tag as ‘clean and green’ won’t need to be changed.

The other places in the world that regularly enjoy illicit herbal relaxation are Canada, the United States, Italy, Spain and Nigeria.
It’s estimated that between 119 and 224 million people in the world light up a joint or puff on a bong regularly. The drug is a firm favourite the world over, straight in at number 1 as the illegal substance of choice.

The report also stated that the party’s over for ecstasy use which is on the decline Down Under – possibly due to the use of legal highs or other alternatives.