Snoop Dogg is living proof that you can smoke weed and be skinny, but now there’s research to prove it.

A new study says that pot smokers are less likely to be obese than others who do not take drugs.

Dr Yann Le Strat, a psychiatrist at France’s Louis-Mourier Hospital said: "Cannabis is supposed to increase appetite, so we hypothesized that cannabis users would be more likely to have higher weight than non-users and be more likely to be obese."

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But two studies taken on US adults showed low obesity rates among dope smokers – 14.3 and 17.2 per cent, compared with 22 and 25.3 per cent obesity among those who didn’t use cannabis.

Marijuana activist Michelle Aldrich said: “It’s true. I don’t know too many fat marijuana smokers.”

Dietitian Andrea Giancoli said: “There could be many other reasons why pot smokers have less obesity. Maybe they’re inclined to exercise more, be outdoors more, eat more fruits and vegetables.”

Aldrich believes pot smokers stay thinner because of a brain response triggered by compounds in cannabis.

But the reason for the correlation between low obesity rates and smoking pot hasn’t yet been proven.