A snake made its way across a car windshield, providing quite the suprise for the passengers inside.

It wasn’t until the Fisher family was driving down the freeway that they realized they had a stowaway on board their car.????

The five-foot long snake had apparently gotten inside the cars engine overnight and was looking for a quick escape route once the vehicle started moving.??????

Rachel Fisher, 65, was driving with her husband and three young children outside of Memphis, Tennessee when the creature slithered its way across the car’s windshield.????

Rachel's husband, Tony, grabbed a video camera to record the two-minute fiasco.

"All of a sudden the thing is snaking up, like out of the engine, coming at us and I'm like….what in the world," he said.

Check out the video here???


"That's just not something you're looking for." said Rachel. "We were just kind of, you know, nervously laughing as you can hear in the video."

The snake eventually fell off the windshield, where we are guessing its outcome was, erm, less than ideal.