Sneaky Sound System 

When Sydney trio Sneaky Sound System scooped two Arias in 2007, Australian dance music finally got the mainstream dues it deserved.

This, their first UK album, combines the best tracks from the band’s first two Australian releases.

Like any ‘composite’ album it lacks the cohesion of the original LPs, but still showcases the Sneakies’ confident, slick approach to dance music.

From opening tracks I Love It and Pictures it’s obvious the trio can marry warm, slightly wistful melodies to ’80s dance beats to great effect, while the Smells Like Teen Spirit referencing “Hello, hello, hello” vocals of UFO hints at their “alternative” influences.

Miss Connie’s vocals are sultry and yearning at the same time – when she’s not channelling the oddball genius of Kate Bush, that is.

Whether they make the same meteoric impact here as they did Down Under remains to be seen.

But they’re having a red hot go at it. ALISON GRINTER