Snow and icy conditions continue to cause major disruption at airports around the country today.

Heathrow will once again only keep one of its two runways open for use, leading to delays and cancellations to flight schedules all over Europe.

Airport operator BAA could however confirm that the situation is improving slightly with 10 flights having departed and 27 flights having arrived at Heathrow by 7:45am earlier this morning.

The cold weather is here to stay

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But the airport chaos is far from over.

“BAA has confirmed a limited schedule of flights to and from the airport, at least until 06.00 on Wednesday 22 December,” BA said. “We have adjusted our schedule to fit with the capacity of the airport for both flight departures and arrivals.”

British Airways has also announced that there will be a “significant number of cancellations” to their short-haul flights.

In a statement published today, the airline said:

“Severe weather continues to cause significant disruption to our operation and will do so in the run up to Christmas.”

“Currently Heathrow has only one of its two runways operational and many areas of the airfield remain unusable, including areas around parked aircraft.”

Airports all over all over Europe have been brought to a halt since heavy snowfall fell over Europe last week Saturday.