Are there many employment opportunities for travellers in Queenstown during winter?
Plenty. The ski season starts at the beginning of June but work starts to get busy from early July.

When should people apply?
To apply for work in town you are best to either come in Feb/March, or to wait until it gets busier in early July. May and June tend to be very quiet in relation to work.

What are the key jobs on offer?
In town the work is mostly in the hospitality industry, labouring and occasionally office work. is the ski company for work on the skifields and to apply for work with them start looking on their website in February. Their positions vary from F&B attendants, lift attendants, guest services assistants, and ski/snowboard instructors. An average wage in Queenstown for this sort of work is about $12 per hour.

What are the fringe benefits of working in the area?
Well you get fabulous scenery, snow and you can party every night if you like. It’s very easy to meet people and most have great attitudes and are up for fun.

Which months constitute the winter job season?
The winter season runs from early June to late October. 

What about accommodation?
Accommodation can be difficult to come by in winter as many people want to work here over that time. Your best bet is to check the local papers, noticeboards and accommodation centres when you arrive. Make sure to book a hostel in advance before arriving.

What documents will I need before I can start work?
A valid work visa. Once you arrive you can arrange an IRD number and bank account number, but if you have these beforehand it can be helpful.

Do you need previous experience?
Some previous experience in hospitality/customer service is always helpful.

Do you have work available for travellers without experience?
Yes if people are willing to work in housekeeping, kitchenhanding or labouring. 

Where is the work located?
Mostly in Queenstown and occasionally a little out of town, but never more than a 15-minute drive.

What about clothing and footwear?
You’ll need warm clothing and good footwear. It gets very cold. In terms of work gear, if you are looking at hospitality, long black trousers and black covered shoes are a must. A white collared shirt doesn’t hurt either.

What is the community like?
Friendly, transient, fun. There’s plenty to do from skiing and snowboarding in the winter to a range of mountaineering, lake and outdoor activities year-round. Any outdoor enthusiasts will love Queenstown.

What advice would you offer travellers when they first make contact with you?
Have a positive attitude and be realistic about the sorts of jobs available in a resort town like Queenstown. 

Is a CV important and what tips can you offer?
A CV is helpful. It should be only one to two pages long and list relevant experience.

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July 31st, 2007