Shrien Dewani, the British man accused of murdering his wife Anni Dewani on their honeymoon in South Africa, is suffering from stress the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London heard today.

Mr Dewani did not attend today’s hearing. Instead his solicitor announced that his client was suffering from an acute stress disorder, and was too ill to attend.

Ben Watson, for the South African authorities, confirmed that Mr Dewani had been excused by the judge as unfit to attend court, following the psychiatric report.

Shrien Dewani won’t attend Thursday’s hearing

Police say Dewani is a monkey

The psychiatrist had diagnosed Mr Dewani with an acute stress disorder and a depressive adjustment disorder.

Mr Dewani, is facing charges of conspiracy to murder, murder, kidnapping, robbery and obstruction of justice, and could be extradited to South Africa.

To help him fight the charges and the possible extradition order, the Bristol businessman has contacted Taswell Papier, one of South Africa’s most successful lawyers.

A spokeswoman for Mr Papier confirmed the link between the two.

Speaking to the Daily Mail she said: “It’s all happened very suddenly. Mr Papier flew to London on Wednesday and today he is helping with the case of Mr Dewani.

“He is extremely busy with the case and we are still waiting to hear from him regarding his specific role.”

Taswell Papier represented Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson when he was accused of sexual assault allegations in Cape Town in 2002.