Supermarket selling reindeer meat angers animal rights campaigners.

Discount supermarket Lidl has angered animal rights campaigners by stocking reindeer steaks on its shelves.

The German chain has introduced the £5.99 frozen steaks as part of its premium Deluxe range.

Vegetarian campaign group Viva! hit out at Lidl for selling the meat, claiming the way in which the reindeer were herded was cruel.”

”Lidl is destroying the magic of Christmas by selling dead reindeer,”ampaigns manager Justin Kerswell told The Grocer. “What they term ‘luxury cuisine’ belies the truth behind an industry that exists to exploit wild animals. Reports show that up to 70% of reindeer killed for meat are calves.”

However a Lidl defended their decision to stock the exotic meat.

“The reindeer come from one of the world’s biggest reindeer herds which is looked after by the indigenous people in the Siberian Tundra on the Jamal peninsula,” said a Lidl spokesperson.

“They live in their natural habitat and have plenty of space to move around freely.”