Sarah Ward, 22, From the UK

How long have you been living here?
Since August. We plan to stay six months in all.

How much do you pay?
$150 for a couple (so $75 each). On top of that, each month we pay for the fridge and washing machine (about $20 each) and every quarter we get an energy bill (which is about $100 per couple).

What do you get for your cash?
We have a barbeque area, pool, sauna and gym. The flat itself has three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, utility room, bathroom and toilet. Plus it’s fully furnished – we didn’t have to buy anything.

What’s the best thing about living here?
Our flatmates. I know it sounds cheesy, but we all get along really well.

What’s the worst thing about living here?
The cockroaches don’t chip in for the bills.

Depending on the place, shared housing normally means you get your own room.

The weekly price of rent could work out to be very reasonable.

As they’re in it for the long haul, your housemates could well become your best friends in Sydney.

99.99 per cent of the time, you’ll have to pay four weeks rent as a bond (deposit).

A lot of accommodation 
is unfurnished, meaning you will have to locate a bed (or mattress), etc. The few furnished places go quickly.

Searching for properties in Sydney can be a tiring process. Saturday is the 
worst day to look at properties (you’ll be wandering around with dozens of other house hunters, all flocking from one house to the next).

Weekly rent probably won’t include bills: phone, electricity, etc.

You’ll often have to sign a lease for a period of months.

It can be a good idea to dress up smartish as travellers aren’t always the most welcome tenants.