At the end of the third day of the hearing to decide if Pistorius would receive bail after the shooting death of his girlfriend Reeve Steenkamp, Phiyega said Moonoo would take over the case.

“I have decided to assign this very important investigation under the leadership and stewardship of the divisional commissioner, Lt Gen Moonoo,” said Phiyega.

“He will lead the process of establishing a team of highly skilled and professional detectives. They shall continue with this investigation.”

South African police have confirmed Botha and two other officers are accused of firing guns at a taxi with seven passengers in it during an incident in 2011.

Chief prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, began today’s proceedings by outlining the charges against Botha, to have them on record. He said the case had been dropped but has since been reinstated.

Botha appeared, after proceedings were stalled to find him, to clarify statements on the Pistorius case.

It was another eventful day, with reports the hearing was suspended again due to a “threat to the court”.

Pistorius maintains he killed Steenkamp accidentally, and shot his gun through a locked toilet door because he thought there was an intruder in his house.

The prosecution is arguing the Paralympian and Olympian deliberately shot and killed her.

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